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Westivew is currently looking for a new Youth Leader.  Please pray that Westview finds a New Youth Leader soon.

Youth/Family Gym Nites:  

The Youth participates in serving Salvation Army Meals every first Friday of each month from December to April.

Other Youth events might include beach trips, kayaking at Elkhorn Slough and night hikes at Nisene Marks Park.

In June of 2018 the Youth took a Mission Trip to Puerto Rico and in July of 2017 the Youth took a Mission Trip to Cuba.

Please go to the Gallery to see photos of Youth events.

Isaac and Ian Receive Sako Scholarships

Kris and Elijah receive Westview Academic Scholarship

Youth Mission Trip to Puerto Rico 2018

Youth Mission Trip to Cuba 2017


Tuesday Study Series.jpg
The Tuesday Study Series has been suspended until further notice.
The Tuesday Study Series is usually held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.
Time: 4 pm
Location: Paloma del Mar,
2030 Pajaro Lane, Freedom, CA
We are currently studying Hearing God by Dallas Willard. What does God's voice sound like? How do you discern God's direction/leading in our life?
Preparation and serving the Salvation Army Meals has been suspended until further notice.
If you would like to volunteer in the future and help please contact Rev. Hoffman for more details.
Harvest Dinner.gif
Our Annual Harvest Dinner was held on
November 9, 2019 at Westview.

For photos of our Youth Events, Study Series, Harvest Dinner and Salvation Army Dinners please see Our Gallery 

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